Your World

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How can I tell those things to you
How can I make you understand
You should learn life is not a dream
Truth and lies are not the same
How could I fly with no wings
How could I reach the sky for you
I wanna hold you in my arms
As long I have the right to
How many lies will you be told
How many tear drops in your hair
How much waiting at the door
How many letters so unfair
How many winters will be cold
How many wars or even more
So many weapons in my hands
But blood won’t help

Lay down, Lay down, Lay down over me
Gently get asleep with your today’s Daddy
Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, my baby
Dream your world is what it looks to be.

I was given so many names
I spent so many lonely nights
I had to fight so many ghosts
To keep you away from their sight
You can call me as you want
Even forget the one I am
But you may remember your name
Someone gave it to you

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, my Baby
Hold my hand, put your head on my narrow shoulder
From now and forever, our hearts will follow
The same way, same tracks, the same future

Let me print this inside your heart
I wanna exist inside your soul
Let me make you feel what I am
Let my kisses answer your calls
I want to be your memory
Let me stay there beyond the laws
I ‘ll be part of your history
Even if no one knows

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