The Gentle Ghosts From Maddy

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There is a yellow dinosaur gently swimming along the shore
There is a Tunisian camel sleeping with you when you travel
There is Giraffe on the fridge door, looking at me and smiling more
There’s your swimsuit in my bag, now too small if you get back

Pinkie Sunglasses from Greece, Snow white singing on their frame
Flying elephants, sharks and bears playing on DVDs
Socks and panties in my drawer, T shirts and X small pullovers
There is a block on my bike so to mount my baby’s seat

There is a picture on the wall where you jump on the trampoline
Thousands of smiles and kisses you gave to me when you were mine
There is Crab in underwater frightening us but never gripping
No tide can erase our footprints on the sand

That book tells the story of silver fishes, of lovely princess
There is your bed always empty, in the closet there is your dress
I still can ear your call, Things you said long time ago
Can remember your words, know they will never go.

Gentle ghosts from Maddy, dance with me

There is a call received, there is a daily belief
Something survived, something that holds my life
There’s still a chance, as long as they keep on dancing
There’s a line, leading to where you’re mine

Something has been saved, we just got to be brave
They keep on dancing around, our way will be found

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