The Butcher and The Lamb

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I do not want to kill
I do not want to lie
I do not want to steal
I only want to give

The lines are forgotten
When the lives are taken
When love is stolen
When blood is frozen

Do you prefer to be the butcher rather than the lamb?
I don't want my blood to be revealed
From my heart just take 2 pounds and a half
Do not want her no more making meal of me
Is it better to be the butcher or the lamb?
I don't feel ashamed cos I am a victim
I don't wanna die, I don?t wanna thrill
I don't wanna hurt, I refuse to kill.

Must be there someone
to betray you?
Do you need a bad guy
to be the hero?
Can't we only be faithful
and not be taken for fools?
Why should I have to win
or lose?

I am a warrior
who does not want to fight
I am a sailor
who got lost one night
I will never become
proud as they are
Because their lies sound great,
because they worked so far.

I do not care being right,
but I know she is wrong.
I would not change my life
for another song
I do not want to choose
between killing and dying
I refuse to be the lamb
I refuse to be a butcher
make any vein bleed
I will never take
I will always give
I will never rape
I will always protect
I will tell the truth
I will pay my debt.

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