MJM and The Thingmakers

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In Love With a Stone

He woke up with something that hurts in his back
With the feeling he had been attacked
But nothing else that a bed of grass
The same old tree bending over him.
The garden looks so peaceful, every thing is quiet
The smell of spring, and the flowers white
His fingers found there hidden in the green
Just a piece of stone sleeping below him

In love with a stone, I would say

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Your World

How can I tell those things to you
How can I make you understand
You should learn life is not a dream
Truth and lies are not the same
How could I fly with no wings
How could I reach the sky for you
I wanna hold you in my arms
As long I have the right to
How many lies will you be told
How many tear drops in your hair
How much waiting at the door
How many letters so unfair
How many winters will be cold
How many wars or even more
So many weapons in my hands
But blood won’t help

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Bombyx Song

We’re all bombyx eggs,
Growing fast in the world,
Moulting every week
Just to become an adult.
Shed the old outgrown skin away,
So u can spread your wings.
Fly to me,
I’m a silkworm lover!

Dad and mom has been boiled
But I don’t care.
I’m just moulting
To get free.
I wanna tear the silky jail up
So I can fly away.
I’ll do what I want,
Because I can!

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We can't talk anymore

We cannot talk any more
Cause our throats are narrowed by any thought
We cannot talk any more
We cannot speak anymore
Cause our eyes get wet in an ugly taste
We cannot speak anymore.

Curse me, curse me if you can (we can’t be forgotten anymore)
Blame me, Blame me if you can
Forgive me, Forgive me if you can
Kill me, kill me if you can.

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The Boys and The TV

Didn’t you go on holidays?
There are no pictures on your blog.
Do you love her anyway ?
If you do not mention to the whole world.

There is nothing shown on the TV screen
Brad should still love Angelina.
Picture yourself in a TV show
You just are what the other ones know.

I went back home with no worry
They smashed the window one more time
Opened up then every door.
Stole the most worthy exit they know.

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Ancient Man

Let me be your ancient man
Let me be the way you walk
Let me be your grain of sand
Let me be a piece of rock
I wanna be your dream forgotten
I wanna be the thing you see
I wanna be the book you read
I wanna be your history

Let me be your ancient man
Let me be the way you do
Let me be your human birth
Be your original sin
I wanna be your dream forgotten
I wanna be the thing you see
I wanna be your attitude
I wanna be your favourite tune

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Wake up call

Did you ever wake up
From a dream with your broken soul
Did you ever wake up
From a lie to the truth untold
Did you ever wake up
Into mud you thought it was gold
Did you ever wake up
In a bed that looks so cold

I did not order this wake up call
As much as I’ve climbed, I have to fall
Did not order this wake up call
From the top my stone has to roll